Everything Electronic Driveway Gates Have To Offer

Driveway gates always intrigued me.  In my mind I always consider that in order to own an electronic entrance gate for your driveway you were either a millionaire or hiding something good.  Obviously now I know this is not the case.  Choosing to add a driveway gate to our home comes down to security, value and ascetics.

Electronic gates and fence systems have come so far in design and function. You can find gates in wrought iron, wood, aluminum as well as chain link and a multitude of other materials.  The material that is chosen for your fence and gate will be determined by so many factors such as budget, maintenance level, home and landscape style, color, gate operator needed and size.

First let’s discuss a reasonable budget when considering the addition of an electronic gate.  It is important to determine if a fence is needed as well and the size of the fence.  Larger gates and yards that require a fence as well will of course require a budget substantially higher than a space that only needs an electronic gate installed.  Chain link driveway gates, which I would think represent the least expensive material, start around two hundred and fifty dollars.  Be sure to note this does not include the price of the gate operator which will need to be purchased and installed as well.

Speaking of gate operators you will need to determine what operator best fits your existing space.  Sliding gate operators and swing gate operators are common and both have advantages depending on your space.  Sliding gates slide into themselves to open while swing gates swing open.  Swing gates are not a feasible option in an area with unlevel ground as the gate needs level space to swing.

Maintenance of an electronic gate is going to happen the material of the gate however can be maintenance free.  Aluminum entrance gates are virtually maintenance free where as wooden gates require yearly cleaning and staining.

The style of your home will help you decide upon a color and style.  A super country home with a modern fence style is just not going to be attractive to most people.  Likewise a country fence is not going to fit with a modern home.  Make sure the color and style of your home and electronic entrance gate all look like they have always been together.

Another quality to consider is the size of the driveway and the height of the fence.  Driveway fences can easily be customized to the size of your driveway.  Gates are normally six to eight feet but can be as short as four feet.  The general idea of an electronic entrance gate is to promote safety for your home and family.  For this reason it is best to find a gate that is not able to be climbed along side of a fence that also restricts access.

Fence and gate systems are meant to last.  With proper installation and maintenance, no matter the specifications, your fence and gate will withstand the test of time.  Hiring a professional gate installer is the best way to go when initially adding an electronic gate to your driveway.


Maintenance Free Aluminum Fencing

If you are looking for a maintenance free fencing system for your landscape you can easily get it with the installation of aluminum fence panels. This type of fence is ideal for homeowners who love the beauty and traditional flare of wrought iron but want something maintenance free that they are not worried will rust.  When homeowners are looking into aluminum fence they often are concerned that the fence will be super expensive, not as sturdy as its wrought iron counterpart and that it won’t be available in the color and size panels they desire.  This article will cover those concerns for homeowners.

One of the nice things about aluminum fencing is that it is available to be purchase in several different grades.  Sort of like when buying carpet, you can purchase the material in a good, better, best grade type scale.  This helps homeowners keep it within the desired budget while getting a product that is long lasting and maintenance free.

Another budget benefit to think of is that with the fence being maintenance free you save money in the long run with paint, stain and replacement.  Panel fencing made out of aluminum is guaranteed not to rust, warp or wear out.  It is so nice to know you will never have to think about the aluminum gate and fence system once it is installed.  It is basically maintenance free.

Aluminum fence is an incredibly sturdy product.  With four different grade levels you can purchase our fence panels in different levels of sturdiness depending on the application and placement of the fence.  When it comes to pool fencing a sturdier residential aluminum grade should be considered.  Aluminum pool fencing will have to withstand small children and constant abuse as it is used on a daily basis.  A lower grade fence can be used in applications where the fence is purely decorative or being used only to keep a barrier in place around the landscape.  This fence will not be climbed on and tugged at as pool fencing is.  Commercial grade fencing can be used in applications around the home but most of the time this is an over kill and unnecessary.

Although aluminum fence panels are able to be installed by the do it yourselfers it is relatively inexpensive when considering the cost of the fence materials to have a professional fence installation company install your homes new fence.  Fence panels do come with many parts put together in a pre-assembled manner however professionals know exactly what they are doing and can provide application practices that come only with experience.

Another issue that arises when thinking about adding fencing is the attractiveness of the material and design aesthetics.  Decorative aluminum fencing comes in a vast array of colors and style options.   Upon selecting our fence the issue will most likely be that you have too many options available instead of not enough.  Select a color and design that will grow with your home and will not easily become out dated.

On the off chance your fence is damaged aluminum panels are easy to repair and match up.  Storm damage is the most common reason that fence panels would be damaged.  A tree or large branch will dominate the strength of any fencing material so in a storm the fence will lose.  When it comes to materials in fencing consider the value, quality and budget friendliness check out aluminum fence panels.

Choosing A Fence Style For Your Home and Yard

Before you purchase a fence for your home, yard or pool side consider the following; why you want the fence, the material, will you install it and style.

Before you purchase and install a fence question the motives for adding a fence to the yard. Are you adding a fence to keep the dog from relieving himself in the neighbor’s yard? Then perhaps a chain link fence is the route for you. Are you installing fencing for pool safety? If this is the case you might be looking into a more decorative black aluminum pool fence. If privacy is your concern wooden privacy fencing is available.

The material for the fence is an important piece of the equation. Everyone thinks of the perfect little white picket fence however, do they consider the upkeep needed to paint a wooden fence white each and every season? I am assuming that for the most part they don’t. If you are going for the quaint little white picket fence consider vinyl. Wooden fences hold up well once sealed but will take upkeep every few years to keep them looking fresh. A good power washing and sealing stain can do the trick however maintenance is required. If looking for maintenance free fencing materials choose wrought iron, aluminum, chain link or vinyl. These options require a general light spray cleaning to look fresh season after season.

If you are looking to fence in your entire yard and cost is a factor you can consider mixing materials. Chain link fencing is inexpensive and can be used to enclose an entire backyard for a lot less than aluminum or wood. Use your money wisely and place the fencing that is meant for aesthetics at the front of the house. Use a combination maybe a vinyl picket fence in the front, where it is seen from the road, and chain link in the back, hidden from street view.

Before purchasing any type of fencing talk with local municipalities and your homeowners associations. Some dictate that certain fence types must have the face side (the pretty side) of the fence face outward. Some dictate that the posts can’t face public property. I have heard of some home owners associations that do not allow fencing at all on the property as it distracts from the open air feeling of the community. Before outlaying the funds consider the rules and regulations governing fencing in your area.

Are you going to hire a professional to install the fence or try to do it yourself? This will play a role in the type of material you choose for installation as well. Certain fencing is more difficult to install than others. Wood fence is fairly simple to install where as aluminum fence is best installed by a licensed fencing contractor.

Once the fence has been chosen and installed make sure to take time to blend it into the landscaping. Fencing can stick out like a sore thumb if homeowners don’t take the time to make the fencing a part of the yard. You may do this with stain on wooden fence, crawling plants with chain link fencing or pretty shrubs and flowering plants that are perfect with vinyl picket fencing. Your landscape and fencing should be used as an extension of the curb appeal of your home. With the right material, professional installation, up keep and blended landscaping yours should like it was always there.

Summer Fun Safety With Aluminum Pool Fencing

Pools and hot tubs are a family favorite for summer fun. While they may be fun without the proper precautions in place they can become dangerous. This is why many states have laws in place that state pool fencing needs to be in place where ever a pool or hot tub is in place. Pool fences help to prevent falls and drowning saving thousands of lives every year.

When it comes to adding a fence to your pool area you should first check with the local municipalities to determine any special regulations that are needed. It does not make sense to purchase a fence for the area only later to determine that local guidelines were not followed. Many of the considerations surrounding pool fence requirements include the type of pool, above ground or in ground, the material of the fence, the height of the fencing and the type of a gate and lock installed.

When looking into a fence it is good to know that the fence needs to be designed with young children in mind. The primary reason pool fences are installed is to keep children safe around water. Drowning is the leading cause of injury and death in children between the ages of one and four. A fence should surround the pool and be installed with a self-closing, self latching gate. Even if your home does not have little children in it consider visitors welcomed and not. Accidents happen, that is why they are accidents.

There are many varieties of material to choose from when looking into fencing for your pool area. One of my favorites for durability, ease of installation, easy maintenance and style is aluminum fencing. Aluminum pool fencing is available in a variety of colors, styles and heights. It can easily be anchored into existing concrete pads or newly poured concrete. Aluminum fencing is also great as it is rust-proof.

Wood fencing is another option in pool fencing. When purchasing wood fencing for your pool area it is good to note that this material will need regular maintenance including cleaning and weather proofing. This is a major drawback to wood fencing as well as the low visibility it provides inside of the pool area. Wood fencing is not a first choice for most pool owners as the extra maintenance and upkeep usually detour wood in favor of something with ease of maintenance even when it costs a bit more.

In warmer climates where many homeowners have a pool indoor small mesh fences are used. Even with this, a safety fence is needed for the pool area. A vinyl and mesh fence is placed around the edge of the pool area. The fence relies on vertical post placed into the concrete and a non-climbable mesh attached to the posts. The fence is removable when the pool is in use and is required to be installed when the pool is not in use. This ensures that even if a small child were to get out onto the porch area where the pool is the water remains blocked and off limits.

A gate and latch is recommended for all pool areas. Locking mechanisms vary however something more complex, a self closing, self latching, self locking option is recommended for optimal security for the pool area. Mesh fences aren’t required to have a gate if the owner is willing to remove the mesh each time the pool is in use. The main thing for pool safety to be effective is that the lock needs to be used each and every time the pool is unsupervised.

Great deals in aluminum pool fencing can be found online. Most sellers also have a direct connection with fence installers local to your area if you are not interested in installing the fence on your own. The key element to look for in purchasing aluminum fencing for your pool online is a reputable seller that offers assistance before; during and after you purchase your pool fence.

Adding An Automatic Entry Gate To Your Home

There are a multitude of reasons that homeowners and business owners alike would consider having an automatic entry gate installed. Electric gates are something that need to be installed with a detailed plan as many details involved are lifestyle orientated. Many clients begin researching automatic gates and fencing for security reasons. Only later do they discover the added benefits that an electronic access entry gate brings to the property. Below are some reasons to think about adding an automated gate to your landscape.

When more than one child is playing in the yard at a time it is often easy to lose track of them. Many times when the kids are out in the yard one will want to be on the swings in the back and one in the front with the garden. Here in lies the issue of having eyes in more than one place at a time. Installing a fence and gate system surrounding your property would give structured boundaries for the children. A closed gate would make it near impossible for the child to leave the yard area. This is also true in relation to pets.

Security is one of the main reasons people begin to look into electronic gates. Think about all the random people who come up and knock on your door in a day. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have unwanted visitors? Also, a gate would eliminate the random people stopping just to check out your property. People exploring your property would be a thing of the past. It will also deter thieves as a gate and fence system provides quiet the obstacle in getting anything worth value out of the home undetected.

Gate and fence systems also keep unwanted animals out of the yard and pets inside. Deer and rabbits are big culprits in ruining the hard work and effort that goes into landscaping and gardens. Keep your yard safe from unwanted intrusions by adding fencing as well as the automatic gate entry. Fencing comes in a variety of material from decorative aluminum fencing to wooden picket fencing.

Fence and gate access are one of the upgrade you can make in your yard that you can actually recoup when you sell your home. An automatic gate adds value to the property as well as appeal to the buyers. Consider how nice it would be to sell your home for more and quicker.

Privacy is something that is often desired amongst homeowners. Privacy fencing can be purchased and installed along with a closed gate. This maintains privacy and helps reduce noise. This is especially important in high traffic areas with a lot of noise pollution and in over populated subdivisions. If you live in a community with “community rules” you will want to check with the home owners association before purchasing and installing privacy fencing as some communities foster an open air feel.

A fence is a super nice luxury to have installed and the benefits are unique to each household and business. Before committing to a style check out all of the options in gate mechanics and access control systems. Not only do you have to consider the material, style and aesthetics but also how it will function and what mechanisms will be the most convenient for your household.

Choosing Between Aluminum And Vinyl Fencing

Every type of fencing material has advantages and disadvantages associated with it. What is right for a homeowner is not necessarily desired for a business owner. Your needs and wants will help you decide between the multitudes of materials that fencing can be purchased in. This article will take a look at vinyl fencing and decorative ornamental aluminum fencing.
Vinyl fencing has an advantage over aluminum in the area of privacy. Most styles of aluminum fencing have spindles that leave a certain sized gap between the railings that vinyl fencing can avoid. Vinyl fencing can be purchased as a privacy fence without any gap. If you live in a subdivision and you are looking for privacy pool fencing, vinyl might be the way to go around your pool. However, if you already have privacy fencing surrounding the outer edge of your landscape, decorative aluminum pool fencing can be an attractive addition to the pool area to keep the area safe when adults are present and kids are playing in the backyard.
As far as maintenance is concerned both vinyl and aluminum fencing are low maintenance. Vinyl can be kept looking good and fresh with some warm, soapy water. Ornamental fencing can be power washed and returned to its natural state easily as well.
When it comes to having an entire fence and gate system installed vinyl looses when it comes to needing a larger gate. Large gates in vinyl are just not a secure as their aluminum counterparts. If you are looking into an electronic access gate by all means look into aluminum. It is hands down the better choice for large gated entry access ways and also can handle a variety of access control systems and control operators including slide gate operators and swing gate operators.
When it comes to the price of material, vinyl and aluminum run right around the same cost. The price increases in relation to the size and decorative features that are added on to the fencing. For both vinyl and aluminum fencing you can add designer post covers and spindles. The best way to compare for your yard is to have a professional fence installer out to evaluate and estimate the property in both materials with the features you would want to make the fence exactly what you desire.
Both materials come in a wide variety of colors. Ornamental aluminum can be special ordered in basically any color imaginable. Vinyl traditionally comes in white. Manufactures are starting to produce imitation wood grain as well.
As with any home improvement purchase, there are advantages and disadvantages. In this instance the benefits and drawbacks are really left up to personal preferences. One does not stand out as a clear winner when it comes to a fencing material. Vinyl fencing is great for privacy where as aluminum fencing seems to be better in regards to security. For pool fencing I would think the decorative aluminum pool fencing would be a better choice as the gate systems seem to provide better and more fool proof locking systems than what is found in vinyl gate systems.

Evade The Challenges Of Landscaping

Landscaping is one of the most challenging aspects of home ownership. If you have never had to deal with landscape design you may become weighed down by all of the different option in fencing, plants, borders and options in general available to homeowners regarding landscaping.

Sometime the hard part of the process is coming up with an idea. Where to begin in the entire process of landscaping can be difficult in itself. Below are some ideas and thoughts about working around obstacles and challenges in existing structures.

The first idea includes working with an existing in ground pool that is surrounded with decorative aluminum fencing. There are times when less is more and this is one of those times. A pool is such a beautiful landscape enhancer in itself. Tie in a beautiful aluminum pool fence and landscape overkill is likely to occur. A suggestion that is simplistic and beautiful is a wide border around the outside of the aluminum fence. Go out about two feet from the fence line and add a simple black landscape border. From there add a weed blocker and a dark brown/black mulch or stone to fill in the area. From there install simple lighting to add flare, using solar lights will save you time and money. This is a simple classic way to integrate the pool into the surrounding landscape.

Consider your wants and needs. Are you looking for a space to play, a space to relax or a place to grow a garden? Your desires will help when coming up with a vision of the space. If you are having a difficult time determining what you want consider what you like about the yards of homes you visit. For instance, one of our family friends has a space in her yard where she has a path that circles a huge hill covered in pine trees. She has added an “entrance” to the path using pine trees and building an arch way. To accent this she added a landscape border of tree stumps. The path is covered with pine needles and bark from branches that had fallen around the yard. Within the space there are constant surprises. You walk the path to find sections with fairy homes, doors and gnomes and ten feet further you come upon a patch of vibrant sunflowers. This is something I loved about her home that was lacking in my own landscape. Using her border idea I was able to add to my flower garden and make it more whimsical which is what I wanted but did not know how to accomplish on my own.

Another idea that is simple includes using pots. If you aren’t committed to the maintenance and up keep of a “flower bed” but like the idea of adding color and variety to the area potted plants can help. Not only can you buy pots that are super sleek and beautiful to look you can include inexpensive annuals that will add color and bloom throughout the summer season without anything but the right amount of sun and water.

Landscaping does not have to be difficult or overwhelming. Whether it is adjusting the a focal point in your existing landscape, creating something in your landscape that you admire in someone else’s or wanting to splash some excitement and color into the mix, there is always a way to do it.

Adding An Electronic Enterance Gate For Security and Privacy

When considering a gate and electronic entry system consider a reasonable budget. Beautiful pieces can be purchased throughout all price ranges. When purchasing a gate consider maintenance and service expenses needed to maintain the electronic gate. Wooden gates are less expensive to purchase then aluminum entry gates however every year you as the homeowner will be responsible to seal and weather proof the wood fence and gate. Consider that electronic gates need to be installed by professional fence and gate installers as well when considering a budget that is reasonable for this home improvement project.

Another way to save when it comes to the budget of a gate for your driveway is to consider a manual entry gate. This might not be desired but can help many homeowners have the security that an entrance gate delivers without the expense of an electronic gate. The draw backs here are pretty evident in that in bad weather you will have to exit the car to close the entry gate. Manual gates are often considered more of a hassle than their electronic counter parts.

When you are purchasing an electronic gate and fence system you have two different choices to decide from when it comes to the way the gate opens. The two options available are swing or sliding driveway entry gates. Consider your landscaping and driveway layout when choosing between the two. Consider if the ground is level or how expensive it would be to level the ground where the gate will be used. Also consider any trees or hard to relocate landscaping that the fence will be surrounding.

When choosing an entry gate consider the fencing that you either have installed or will be installing. Make sure the styles work well with one another. Super tall enclosed privacy fencing might look off when paired with a super decorative open style aluminum gate. The fence and gate should be similar if not the same height. This will provide continuity. If you are only installing a gate without any fencing the sky is the limits however consider the style of your home. A super modern home with a country classic gate might look a whole lot out of place.

Fencing and gates come in a variety of materials as well. You can choose from wood, wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl and chain link. For durability and ease of long term maintenance as well as reasonable initial costs most professional fence and gate installers will recommend purchasing aluminum. Aluminum fencing can be as ornamental and decorative or as simple and classic as a homeowner desires. There are also a variety of color options to choose from when considering aluminum. Aluminum is really a terrific material to use in your homes landscaping.

Aluminum Pool Fencing Bring Backyard Safety To In Ground Pools

Adding an in ground pool for most families is an exciting adventure however with this addition brings on the fact that you are now in the market for an aluminum pool fence as well. Aluminum fencing is lightweight and practically maintenance free. This is important as the pool that is being installed is anything but maintenance free. Aluminum pool fence is highly resistant to corrosion as well as bringing attractive warranties and benefits beyond the ease of maintenance. Aluminum pool fencing comes in many styles, colors, designs and sizes.

Most aluminum pool fencing companies offer lifetime warranties. They can offer warranties of this magnitude because aluminum pool fences are known for their durability and crack, chip and peel resistant finishes. The aluminum fence is made out of metal that has the color baked into the enamel or is powder coated.

Purchasing aluminum fencing online has never been easier than it is now days. Many companies will have information on local installation companies that will install your fence as well or even offer installation services. Make sure that they are used to installing aluminum fencing and ask questions such as if they will be using concrete footings to set the fence posts. They should be installing the fence per the manufacturer’s recommendations. That is always a good way to weed potential installation companies out if you are on your own to find someone to install the aluminum pool fence.

Purchasing aluminum pool fencing online allows you as the consumer to get the closest price to what you would pay ordering directly from the fencing manufacturer. Most aluminum pool fence manufactures do not allow for direct residential purchase. The last thing you want to do is over pay for the pool fence so be sure when ordering that your quotes all include all of the necessary pieces needed for a complete fence. Some online suppliers that have super low quotes are not including the recommended line, end or corner posts. Be sure the quote is all inclusive and the price you are getting includes all of the materials you as a homeowner would need to install the fence on your own if so desired.

Pool safety regulations vary from state to state but one recommendation to keep your pool a safe and fun place to gather is to install a gate with an automatic locking system. This will allow the pool area to be entered only if an adult is there that knows how to access the gates lock. Often time’s homeowners will use an electronic entry access system if installing a new fence. This is an extra safety precaution for inground pools. An automatic locking system alleviates issues involved in walking away and forgetting to put the lock into place. Many accidental drowning occur because of children entering the pool area without an adult. Think about the times when someone runs into grab a drink and leaves the kids in the backyard to play. Those are times when normal locks get forgotten. When the safety of children is in question it is far better to be safe than sorry.

An Explanation Into Backyard Fencing

The backyard of the home is often the refuge to many of us. It is the place we entertain our children, a place our pets roam and most importantly a place of privacy where we retreat after a long week at work. We live in a world surrounded by subdivisions and homes built so close together that you can hear your neighbor blow their nose. This is why a fence for the backyard is so significant to home ownership today. Choosing a fence is not an easy task with the multitude of options available. The options are endless, from designing a fence of your own out of wood, prefabricated fencing panels and decorative aluminum fence.

Chain Link Fence

There isn’t a yard out there with a home built in the seventies and eighties that has not seen a chain link fence. It was the most affordable option which also made it the most popular. Now it seems that chain link fence has become used in more industrial settings than backyards. It is incredibly durable, easy to install and comes in a variety of heights. The drawbacks of chain link fencing actually only come from the ascetic make up of the fence. It only comes in gray unless you get the vinyl coated chain link fence which comes in black, green and white. A chain link fence will last you for many years and is easily maintainable.

Wooden Fence

Wooden fences are beautiful. They add a charm to any home. Wooden fence can be purchased in sections either as picket fencing, which is a short type of fence, or privacy fencing, which is usually a fence that is over five feet in height. Wooden picket fences are not great for keeping animals or children in the backyard. This type of fence is used more for decoration than for purpose. However, wooden fence sections can be purchased called privacy fence which stand taller to keep the backyard private as the name suggests. Drawbacks of wooden fencing materials come from the maintenance and longevity of the wood material. Naturally you will need to treat and maintain a wooden fence to protect it from the elements. The sun, rain and snow all cause threats to wooden fencing material not to mention insects.

Decorative Aluminum Fence

Decorative aluminum fencing is perfect for any backyard or driveway area. Aluminum fencing and gates can be installed for use with electronic gate openers. This is not only super convenient in keeping your home protected but also alleviates having to exit the car to open or close the gate. With access controlled gates you will find two options, both styles playing off the beauty of the aluminum fence, a slide gate opener or a swing gate opener. Aluminum fence is the option most chosen by homeowners for safety with in-ground pools. It is extremely stylish, keeps critters and children safe while adult supervision is not around and is virtually maintenance free. Aluminum pool fence tends to be a bit more expensive than other types of fencing materials but homeowners must look at the time and money spent on replacement fencing, maintenance and the decorative nature in itself when deciding on fencing.

There are several other type of fencing material out there such as vinyl fencing as well as split rail and fencing that is owner designed. Obviously the decision about fencing will come down to the look you are attracted to, the budget you want to stick with and the maintenance work you want to put into it for years to come. I love decorative aluminum fencing however my yard is surrounded by split rail fence as this material best went with the look of the river we have in our backyard.