Benefits of Installing A Driveway Entry Gate

Homeowners often think of ways to improve their homes safety.  The first place many begin is with a driveway security entry gate.  As you start researching the installation of a security gate consider the benefits that come along with it besides the added security to your family and home.

List of Benefits That Come Along with Installing an Electronic Driveway Gates

Increased property value: Adding an electronic driveway entry gate to your home enhances the property value of your home.  Installing a new remote entry gate adds equity to your home value.  In fact the cost of the gate is likely to improve the equity on the home above and beyond the actual cost of the electronic gate materials, installation and maintenance services.

Enhanced aesthetics: A new driveway entry gate improves the look of your landscape.  Gates come in a variety of styles, colors, sizes and materials.  You can match the entry gate to your fencing for an enhanced look to your hard.

Remote entry: With remote entry an access entry is the most convenient way in and out of your home.  You never have to leave the car to access entry to the home with the use of access control systems.  A remote access gate works much like a garage door.  Another feature that is extremely handy is that ability to power the fence on a timer.  Once you drive through the fence it will automatically close a few seconds later.

Reduced insurance premiums: Many insurance companies will reduce the premiums for homeowners that have driveway entry gates.  They are highly secure and effective at securing and protecting your family and property from outsiders.  This is of an increased benefit to insurers as the added protection makes your home less inviting to intruders thus less likely you will ever need to file a claim.

Privacy: Electronic entry gates can be made from a variety of materials including wood, chain link, aluminum, wrought iron and more.  If you desire a gate that secludes the yard choose a solid fence material like wood.  A wooden electronic gate when used in combination with privacy fencing allows for a complete seclusion of your home.

Improved security: Electronic entry gates improve safety for a number of reasons including:

The gate itself is designed to block out intruders and prevent physical access to the home and family.

Camera can be installed on the gate so that homeowners can verify who is asking for entry before allowing access to the home.  Cameras can also detect intruders trying to access the space 24/7.

Intercoms can be placed by the entry to permit people to request entry.

The installation of an electronic driveway gate improves the safety of your home.  It also adds convenience to entry with the use of remote controls and keypad entry.  The overall value of a driveway gate is seen over and over with the various benefits it adds to your home.

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Spring Home Improvements That Add Value To Your Home

Home improvements are not all created equally.  There are those renovations that are only done for the intrinsic value that they bring to the homeowner and family unit; one such exterior renovation that does just that is the installation of an in ground pool.  Homeowners most often will not get the money that they put into a pool back when they sell the home.   Whereas some renovations increase your homes value enough to cover the materials and labor.

Projects that offer homeowners a solid return on their investment all have certain qualities in common.   Low maintenance, high quality, energy efficiency renovation projects that are budget friendly make the best remodeling investments for the long term increase in the equity of your home.

Updating the homes entry way by replacing the front door is a great way to enhance the exterior of your home while adding curb appeal that increases the value of your home.  New steel front doors kick up the appeal of your home while yielding the best payback.  An updated entry with a new front entry door transforms the entire look and feel of the home’s exterior.  A new door also works to enhance the energy efficiency of the home without busting your renovating budget.

Another exterior renovation that offers a terrific return on your investment is the addition of an electronic driveway gate.  Installing a driveway gate is not only an equity building renovation it also offers other advantages to homeowners.  Electronic driveway gatesincrease home security, decrease insurance rates, improved privacy along with countless other benefits.

Another exterior project that works to increase the value of your home is new siding.  Old worn out siding decreases the homes curb appeal.  In fact worn out siding can decrease the value of the home by ten percent.  Updated siding on the other hand tells buyers that the homeowner takes care of all aspects of the home including the exterior.

Kitchen remodeling offers the best return on investment when looking into interior renovations.  Open space kitchens are value boosters to your homes equity.  Painting the interior of the home is an inexpensive interior update that works to increase the price homeowners can ask when selling their home.

When considering all home renovations think about the overall cost of the renovation project verse the equity value it adds to your home.  Some renovations such as painting provide an inexpensive project with a solid return on investment.   A home project does not need to be costly to improve the overall value of your home and not every renovation needs to bring an increase in the equity of the home.  Sometimes the best renovations homeowners can take on are those that provide overwhelming value to the homeowner while boosting the homes equity.

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Protection With Electronic Entry Gates

When it comes to home security nothing beats installing an electronic driveway gate.  They are aesthetically pleasing while deterring thieves and protecting your most valuable belongings.

It is possible that you have seen an electronic driveway gate and consider installing one in your driveway.  It is possible you hesitated because you wondered if the benefits of installing an entry gate were really worth the cost and wonder exactly how you would go about getting one installed.

In this article we will discuss both.  Installing a driveway entry gate is so worth the cost of both installing and operating the gate.  Not only does the entry gate increase protection from thieves, an electronic entry gate is perfect for keeping children and pets contained.  It is a win-win, your home is safe from outsiders and your family is protected from outside dangers.

If installing an entrance gate is not enough security for you consider additional features such as electronic entry, automatic cameras and an intercom system.  These features allow homeowners to not only keep individuals from entering they also allow you to let them in as well.

Another benefit to electronic entrance driveway gates is that they enhance the curb appeal of your home thus increasing the overall value.  Driveway gates are one of the few home improvements that not only hold their value but work to increase the equity in the home.

Another benefit of electronic entry gates is that they are customizable to compliment your family’s lifestyle.   There are an overwhelming abundance of features to choose from to ensure that you install a gate that works perfectly with your unique situation.  Consider pulling into your drive each and every day.  How will you feel knowing your home is secure, aesthetically welcoming and customized to your needs?   How does it make you feel knowing that this one home improvement can increase the value of your home over five percent?

Security within your home environment is priceless. Not only does an electronic entry gate keep predators out it also keeps your children, pets and family within the safety of the boundaries you have put into place.   It can be difficult to let our kids play outside without adult supervision but an electronic driveway gate can help ease your fears.   Your children and pets will be safe from the dangerous that lie outside the boundaries of your home environment; safe from traffic, safe from predators and safe from danger.

With the installation of an electronic driveway security gate comes a great deal of benefits.  Not only are homeowners protected from criminals, they have a barrier to keep loved ones in all while increasing the value of their homes.

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The Benefits Of Aluminum Driveway Entry Gates

Installing an aluminum driveway gate is a cost effective way to create a safe protective barrier between your home and the rest of the world.  Although driveway gates come in a variety of materials aluminum tends to be the most popular option.  Wood tends to require a great deal of maintenance while wrought iron tends to be heavy and expensive.  Aluminum electric driveway gates give you the same look and feel of wrought iron without breaking the bank.

Electronic Aluminum Driveway Gates Offer You Many Options

As with aluminum fencing, electronic aluminum driveway gates offer a variety of options to homeowners.  They come in a various colors and styles.  A custom driveway gate can be designed to match or compliment your homes primary fence while adding an additional decorative and ornamental flair.  The customization of your driveway fence allows your fence to standout from others in the neighborhood.  Clean lines are popular when it comes to installing a new driveway gate.

Aluminum Driveway Gates are Practically Maintenance Free

Aluminum gates are covered in the same protective powered coating that is used on aluminum fencing.  This prevents them from chipping, rusting and cracking as you would see if you installed an iron gate.  The aluminum material does not rust therefore it does not require the upkeep of most other gate materials.  Iron gates require sanding, cleaning, staining or repainting over time.  With an aluminum driveway gate and the warranty offered by many wholesale gate suppliers the finish is guaranteed not to chip, crack or flake.

Electronic Entry Gates Designed From Aluminum Are The Ideal Weight

Iron gates are quite heavy and require specialized gate operators.  Aluminum gates open using a standard slide or swing gate operator.  When an electronic driveway gate is installed homeowners get to choose an automatic control system to open and close the gate.  The control system can be operated using electricity, battery power, solar power or a combination.  If ever the fence needs to be manually opened and closed aluminum gates are perfect for that as well.  Iron gates often take more than one person to be able to open and close them if the gate operator fails.  The weight of the aluminum fence causes less wear and tear on the tracks and rollers of sliding gates or the hinges of swing gates.  The weight of the aluminum allows the gate operator to last longer because it is so much lighter in weight than materials such as iron.

When you are beginning to consider the installation of a driveway entry gate look into aluminum because it truly offers a lightweight gate option that is maintenance free with several customizable options to chose from.

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Added Safety For Your Home

Automatic driveway gates are most often installed because homeowners are looking for a way to create a safe environment that is also convenient to their lifestyle.  When it comes to thieves and tricky characters, an automated driveway gate is a deterrent while allowing the homeowners to still easily access the home.  There are plenty of additional benefits that are added when an automatic driveway is installed.

Not only are driveway gates simple to operate they add security to the area both by keeping children and pets in the yard while keeping others from entering the space.  Another benefit with the addition of an automatic driveway gate is the aesthetic value it offers to the property and the increase in worth to your home’s value.  Increasing the value of your home is as simple as installing a motorized gate operator and decorative gate.

The following options are available depending on the type of gate and operator that is chosen for installation:

Opening and Closing Options – Automatic driveway gates come in two different opening options: swinging and sliding.  The motion is performed at the press of a button.

Another feature that is popular when installing automated driveway gates is the anti-crushing feature.  Infra-red beams send signals to sensors which come standard on both slide and swing gates.  If interrupted the beams will send a signal to the beam preventing them from opening or closing.  This prevents the gate from closing when objects are in its path.

Various Operating Settings – The settings on your driveway gate can be customized.  The settings can be set to allow the gate to open differently based on the traffic that is entering and exiting.  If you are opening the gate for pedestrian entry the automatic gate only needs to open a small bit whereas if a car is entering the gate can be set to open the whole way.

Another option that exists is a free exit loop.  This option offers anyone leaving from the property to do so without remote access or without bothering you to exit the driveway.

Countless Control Systems – Homeowners can choose from a variety of control systems when installing an automatic driveway gate.  Wireless keypads, hard wired keypads linked to transmitters, cellular access and manually operated switches are just a few of the most popular options in control systems.

Diverse Powering Systems – Automatic driveway gates can either be ran with electricity, batteries, solar power or a combination of these.  This ensures that the gate has a way of opening even if there is a power failure.

Choosing to install an automatic driveway gate is a smart decision.  Choose the best gate and most superior motor that you can afford.  Cheaper options in driveway gates are available but are not intended for heavy duty, everyday use.  A driveway gate is a convenient way in which to add another level of security to your home environment.

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Automatic Driveway Gates and Entry Control Systems

If you are looking into moving into a new home or increasing the security to your existing home or looking to enhance the curb appeal of the house an automatic driveway gate and entry control system are a cost effective, long term solution.  In residential homes there are two main types of gates that are installed: a single gate that slides or a dual gate that swings open.

When you are trying to decide between the two types of gates and which one to choose there are various reasons to choose each type of gate.  The most prominent reason being the dimensions of the driveway the gate is to be installed in.

In order to install an automatic swing gate you must determine if there will be enough room for both sides of the gate to swing open into the driveway.  Not only must the space be large enough to open the gate there must be enough room for parking.  This is why automatic entry gates that swing open should be installed only on driveways that are on a deeper sized driveway plot.  An automatic sliding driveway gate takes away the need for a large, clearing and instead requires length to retract within it.  This makes sliding gates ideal for driveways that are wide function properly whereas

The mechanisms that are used to open the gates are called gate operators.  There are a variety of mechanisms and motors that are used.  Swing gates need two gate operators to open and close the gate where as a sliding gate uses only one.  The exact motor you choose will depend on several things including the size of the gate, the speed in which it will open and the surface on which the gate and gate operators are installed.

One misconception with automatic gate installation is that they cannot be installed on gravel driveways.  This is a myth.  With the advancements in technology it is possible to achieve a seamless sliding effect even on a gravel surface.  This result is achieved with a bit more difficulty but can be done alongside cantilever gate automation motors.

A surveyor from the local electronic driveway supplier will survey the area in which the gate is to be installed.  The surveyor will take into account the various dimensions of the driveway while checking for the need for modifications.

Once a solid idea of what gate style and design is required they will create several different gates designed with your exact driveway specifications in mind.  This will help homeowners when selecting a gate style, an appropriate motor and the accessories that will be needed to provide the best installation of your new automatic entry gate.  A control system of your choice will be installed alongside of your gate to provide an ease of automatic entry.

The gate motor will open the gate.  This will be installed along with the correct number of sensors that are required to open the gate properly.  There are a variety of automatic control systems such as a remote controls, key pads, cellular transmitters and manually operated controls.  This helps to add to the convenience experienced with the installation of an entry gate system.

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Electronic Driveway Gates Add Security To Your Home

Are you moving into a new home or looking for a way to increase the security in your current home?  Maybe you are just looking for a way to enhance the overall curb appeal of your home?  One solution for all three of these situations is the addition of an automated entry gate.  Not only is it cost effective but it also adds a lifetime solution to the security of your home and family.

There are two types of electronic gate systems commonly used for residential purposes: swing gates and slide gates.  As the names suggest a swing gate in an entry gate in which the gate operator swing the gate open.  A sliding gate is one in which the gate operator moves the gate by sliding it open and closed.  Depending on the area in which the electronic entry gate is to be installed will greatly determine the type you choose.  If the area is on any type of slope or grade a swing gate is most likely not going to be possible.  The same is true for smaller driveways.  A slide gate works well for both of those scenarios.  A swing gate is a very majestic peace and can be installed on larger, flat driveways.  The elegance of both swing gates and slide gate options are just incredible.

It is important for homeowners to be aware that a swing gate is powered by two gate motors where as a sliding gate requires only one.  The gate operator that you choose to install will be dependent upon several factors including the size of the gate that is chosen, the speed at which the fence will open and the surface it will be installed on.

To get an understanding of what types of driveway gates would be best for your home have a gate surveyor come out to review the land.  Once this occurs the local gate automation company will look at the gate surveyors’ assessment and recommend different styles and designs of electronic entry gates that work well within the space you have.  They will recommend appropriate gate operators, gate motors and accessories to fit your desires and will base their quote off of what you finally choose.

Installation of electronic entry gates is best left to industry experts.  It is not an easy do it yourself job.  For the best results have the gate installed by experts in driveway gate installation.  They will not only get the gate in place but install the motors, entry systems and sensors to ensure a fully functioning electronic entry gate.

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The Five Things Automatic Entry Gates Offer Homeowners

One of the newest rages when looking to improve your home and property is the addition of an automatic driveway gate.  An electronic gate with experience will ask the homeowner exactly why they are looking to install a gate.  Depending on that answer an automatic gate system will be designed specifically for your wants and needs.  Some homeowners say they are looking to install a gate that prevents people from turning around in their driveway.  This may not be the best reason to install an electronic fence.  An automatic entry gate has many benefits such as added security, improved curb appeal, increased property value, added safety for kids and pets and additional privacy for your family.

Added Security:  The first layer of security for your home and family is the addition of an entry gate that blocks the driveway from entry of unexpected visitors.  Thieves look for an opportunity.  If a gate is installed it takes away the opportunity.  If you have a gate and your neighbor does not who will target.  Home invasions are just one more scenario in which your home may be looked over by thieves when an electronic entry gate is installed.

Improved Curb Appeal:    The curb appeal of your home is of utmost importance.  The driveway gate adds an increase in flair to your homes landscape.  The gate needs to be installed in a manner that it makes a bold statement about your home.  The entry of the driveway can be enhanced with a variety of metal gates, masonry, additional fencing and lighting.  All of which enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Increased Property Value:  This is pretty self explanatory.  Property value increases with added curb appeal and high end home improvements.  If your home has cracked cement and dry shrubs and a dilapidated fencing it is likely to go for far less than a home that has a landscape that is kept up on with an impressive entry gate.  An electronic entry gate, framed by brick columns or ornate landscaping will increase the value of your home.

Added Safety for Kids and Pets:  The safety of your family is of the utmost importance.  Adding a fence that surrounds the perimeter of the landscape with the addition of anautomatic driveway gate ensures that the yard is enclosed.  No one will enter or exit without having access to the gate.  This will ensure that no one enters or exits without having access to the entry operating system.

Additional Privacy for Your Family:   No trespassing signs are often ignored.  An electronic driveway entry gate cannot be.  If you prefer not to deal with pushy solicitors or door to door politicians you can guarantee your property is not invaded by installing an automatic entry gate.

There is no better reason than added security, increased property value and improved curb appeal to add an automatic, electronic entry driveway gate to your home and landscape.

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Create Curb Appeal With Exterior Updates

When it comes to your home it is true that appearances aren’t everything but it sure does help with curb appeal.  Your homes vibrant exterior and vivid landscape can really change your homes entire vibe.  If you are looking for another way to make a home that is more welcoming and causes the neighbors to take a second look enhancing your homes curb appeal is the way to do it.  If you need some ideas on how to boost your homes allure consider the following five ideas.

Revamp The Front Door:  It is so simple and inexpensive to restore your homes front door.  First you will want to make sure the door is in good shape.  If the door is in terrible shape it is not only a good idea to replace it for aesthetic purposes but for your family’s safety as well.  If the door is in good shape a fresh coat of paint can add so much character to your home.  A small cosmetic change with the addition of color can make an incredible difference to your homes curb appeal.  Look into colors that pop like shades of red, green, yellow or blue.

Add Color To Your Landscape:  This is another pretty simple update to your home’s exterior.  Plant a variety of flowers in a combination of complimentary colors to really boost your curb appeal.  The addition of window boxes is another way to add color using plants if you aren’t looking to update the landscape.  When choosing flowers to add take into account the type of soil you have, the amount of sunlight offered and the level of care needed to keep them looking amazing.

Include Lighting: This addition is a bit more of a challenge than the first two.  Adding lightning to your home’s exterior can be done in several ways.  Outdated fixtures around the doors can be update to include a more modern style.  Solar lights can be carefully placed to shine light on impressive pieces within your landscape which will not only add light but interest to your landscaping plants.  Lamp posts are extremely outdated.  Consider removing this type of lighting and replacing it with a more updated feature.

Install An Electronic Driveway Gate: An electric driveway gate is not only good to add curb appeal to your home it is a convenient way to add some security to your home.  Although the most expensive suggestion on the list, installing a fence around the perimeter of your yard while adding an entry gate is  way to increase curb appeal as well as the equity in your home.  Consider the options in gate operators and control systems to ensure that you install the most convenient gate for your driveway.

Consider Shutters: Shutters add so much definition to your home.  Not only do they accentuate the outline of the window they work to add a classic flair to your home’s exterior.  The most common colors to use for shutters are white and black.  However, some homeowners take this opportunity to get really creative with color and style.  Whatever shutter style and color you choose rest assured that it will add a classic element to your exterior.

Depending on the amount of time and money you have available to enhance the exterior of your home the sky’s the limit.  Take time to consider what the best features of your home and work to enhance them using some or all of the suggestions above.

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Electronic Driveway Gates Make Your Entrance Unique

Your home should be as unique as you are.  One way that this can be accomplished is by installing an electronic driveway gate.  Not only do driveway gates offer an unbeatable first impression they offer security, privacy and convenience to homeowners.  Whether you choose an aluminum, wrought iron or wooden entry gate it is an ideal way to finish off your driveway.  You can really give your home the wow factor with the installation of an entry gate.

Using a driveway gate along with a perimeter fence enhances the landscape, promotes security and offers privacy that nothing else can.  Installing flowers and trees enhance the landscape but don’t promote security or privacy.  A home alarm or video system promotes security but does nothing to enhance the landscape.  Shrubs and bushes can offer some privacy but do very little for security.  Only perimeter fencing and driveway gates offer your home the luxury of all three.

Perimeter fencing is also beneficial in keeping children and pets within a safe boundary.  This is especially important when you live in a neighborhood or on a busy street with lots of traffic.  The fence is a great barrier marking property boundaries while working to improve the aesthetics of your home.

When you choose a driveway gate for your home you can be confident that the gate you choose is known for its strength and endurance.  This is especially true when you choose aluminum and wrought iron driveway gates.  With the power coating that is applied to both wrought iron and aluminum the gates remain beautiful without much maintenance at all.  They are designed to withstand a variety of climates and can be paired with gate operators intended to do the same.  They also offer a variety of designs, styles and colors to match or compliment fencing and your home’s exterior.

Consider if a swing or slide gate is best for your driveway location.    A swing gate is the most visually appealing.  It however requires a large opening radius depending on the length of the gate.  A sliding gate eliminates that issue and eliminates that issue if space is limited.  The gate opener you choose is dependent upon nothing other than personal preference.

Both gate options can be paired with several openers.  You can choose from wired or wireless options.  You can choose a battery operated opener, one run on solar power only or on powered by a combination of batteries and solar power.  There are keypad operators with intercoms and keypads, keycard options, remote controls or even using the telephone.  Each option has features that work better for your lifestyle.

Choosing an electronic entry gate to finish your driveway is a no brainer.  The only real decisions you need to make is what material you will use, what operator you desire and which entry control system will be the most convenient for your needs.

SAC Fence Michigan offers a variety of electronic entry gates, access control entry systems and fence options for homeowners to choose from.  You will find a variety of fencing options online at