Evade The Challenges Of Landscaping

Landscaping is one of the most challenging aspects of home ownership. If you have never had to deal with landscape design you may become weighed down by all of the different option in fencing, plants, borders and options in general available to homeowners regarding landscaping.

Sometime the hard part of the process is coming up with an idea. Where to begin in the entire process of landscaping can be difficult in itself. Below are some ideas and thoughts about working around obstacles and challenges in existing structures.

The first idea includes working with an existing in ground pool that is surrounded with decorative aluminum fencing. There are times when less is more and this is one of those times. A pool is such a beautiful landscape enhancer in itself. Tie in a beautiful aluminum pool fence and landscape overkill is likely to occur. A suggestion that is simplistic and beautiful is a wide border around the outside of the aluminum fence. Go out about two feet from the fence line and add a simple black landscape border. From there add a weed blocker and a dark brown/black mulch or stone to fill in the area. From there install simple lighting to add flare, using solar lights will save you time and money. This is a simple classic way to integrate the pool into the surrounding landscape.

Consider your wants and needs. Are you looking for a space to play, a space to relax or a place to grow a garden? Your desires will help when coming up with a vision of the space. If you are having a difficult time determining what you want consider what you like about the yards of homes you visit. For instance, one of our family friends has a space in her yard where she has a path that circles a huge hill covered in pine trees. She has added an “entrance” to the path using pine trees and building an arch way. To accent this she added a landscape border of tree stumps. The path is covered with pine needles and bark from branches that had fallen around the yard. Within the space there are constant surprises. You walk the path to find sections with fairy homes, doors and gnomes and ten feet further you come upon a patch of vibrant sunflowers. This is something I loved about her home that was lacking in my own landscape. Using her border idea I was able to add to my flower garden and make it more whimsical which is what I wanted but did not know how to accomplish on my own.

Another idea that is simple includes using pots. If you aren’t committed to the maintenance and up keep of a “flower bed” but like the idea of adding color and variety to the area potted plants can help. Not only can you buy pots that are super sleek and beautiful to look you can include inexpensive annuals that will add color and bloom throughout the summer season without anything but the right amount of sun and water.

Landscaping does not have to be difficult or overwhelming. Whether it is adjusting the a focal point in your existing landscape, creating something in your landscape that you admire in someone else’s or wanting to splash some excitement and color into the mix, there is always a way to do it.

Adding An Electronic Enterance Gate For Security and Privacy

When considering a gate and electronic entry system consider a reasonable budget. Beautiful pieces can be purchased throughout all price ranges. When purchasing a gate consider maintenance and service expenses needed to maintain the electronic gate. Wooden gates are less expensive to purchase then aluminum entry gates however every year you as the homeowner will be responsible to seal and weather proof the wood fence and gate. Consider that electronic gates need to be installed by professional fence and gate installers as well when considering a budget that is reasonable for this home improvement project.

Another way to save when it comes to the budget of a gate for your driveway is to consider a manual entry gate. This might not be desired but can help many homeowners have the security that an entrance gate delivers without the expense of an electronic gate. The draw backs here are pretty evident in that in bad weather you will have to exit the car to close the entry gate. Manual gates are often considered more of a hassle than their electronic counter parts.

When you are purchasing an electronic gate and fence system you have two different choices to decide from when it comes to the way the gate opens. The two options available are swing or sliding driveway entry gates. Consider your landscaping and driveway layout when choosing between the two. Consider if the ground is level or how expensive it would be to level the ground where the gate will be used. Also consider any trees or hard to relocate landscaping that the fence will be surrounding.

When choosing an entry gate consider the fencing that you either have installed or will be installing. Make sure the styles work well with one another. Super tall enclosed privacy fencing might look off when paired with a super decorative open style aluminum gate. The fence and gate should be similar if not the same height. This will provide continuity. If you are only installing a gate without any fencing the sky is the limits however consider the style of your home. A super modern home with a country classic gate might look a whole lot out of place.

Fencing and gates come in a variety of materials as well. You can choose from wood, wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl and chain link. For durability and ease of long term maintenance as well as reasonable initial costs most professional fence and gate installers will recommend purchasing aluminum. Aluminum fencing can be as ornamental and decorative or as simple and classic as a homeowner desires. There are also a variety of color options to choose from when considering aluminum. Aluminum is really a terrific material to use in your homes landscaping.