Create A Unique Landscape With The Use Of Fencing

Your landscape design is a series of separate areas within your yard that blend together to create an over-all look and feel to the entire landscape.  Each area within your yard should have features that can improve the eye appeal of your landscaping. Whether you add something as dramatic as a water feature or aluminum decorative fencing, the idea is to create harmony while adding interest and function.

Functional fencing is probably the most common of all fencing.  There are several varieties of functional fencing including chain link, wooden fence, aluminum fencing and vinyl.  Depending on the function the fence is to have will depend on what type you choose.  Many times decorative aluminum fencing is used around pools.  Aluminum fencing is the choice for many homeowners with in-ground pools. Aluminum pool fencing is within the standard code and regulation in regards to height and ability to gain access.  Aluminum decorative fence is available in many different styles to accentuate any style landscape.  It is a perfect choice as it is attractive, functional and a low maintenance fencing material.

Other options in fencing are varieties that provide function.  Styles such as chain link, wood, vinyl and aluminum fence are all types of functional fence styles.  It is obvious that some of the choices from the list above are more attractive than others however all serve the function of keeping the area secure from entrance and exit. The nice thing is that homeowners can integrate the landscaping to make the fence more attractive.

Wooden fences integrate well Evergreens and make the entire environment with a natural appeal.  Wooden fences do require a bit more maintenance than other types of fencing.  You will need to seal the fence using a natural stain or a colored stain for it to stand up to the weather.  Also if you live in a particularly wet environment be super cautious of using wood as mold grows easily on wood and is difficult to remove.

Vinyl fencing works great in environments full of colored flowers.  Lots of time vinyl fencing comes in white. The nicest thing about white vinyl fencing is that it is super easy to clean when it becomes dirty or mildew covered. A quick power was usually is enough to ensure your fence looks like the day you bought it.